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Director's Message

Love lives here.


I opened Alpine in 1995 as a babysitting center. Since then, Alpine has become a full-time school where children have fun, make friends, and learn academic skills.

​We are passionate about finding the right balance between play and learning. In addition to enjoying free time, the outdoors, and special celebrations, we want children to find joy in educational pursuits whether it is holding a pencil, sounding out new words, or learning to count by tens.

​One key to child development is keeping the groups small. Another is to keep the children in steady groups. This gives the teachers the chance to really get to know each child and focus on individual learning goals. 


Another priority is using a steady curriculum for early reading, writing, math, and science skills. For example, research and practice have taught us that children learn math skills by doing hands-on math activities. They learn to read better by practicing a few sounds at once instead of each letter in isolation. Using best practices is crucial.
I am also committed to hiring mature, experienced teachers who believe that working with children is their calling. I love watching Alpine’s teachers interact with the children in the classroom, on the playground, or when a child just needs a hug. A sense of warmth comes over me, and I know the teachers and children feel it, too.
We believe in the power of love, especially in a school environment. Please visit us and see if you feel it, too.
All my best,
Cathy Hammond
Founder & Director

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