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At Alpine, our toddlers hold a special place in our heart. We enjoy giggling and giving hugs. We also like helping them discover the world through songs, books, and playing with friends. Learning new words and phrases is a big part of our day. Most importantly, with our very small groups and very mature teachers, our days are calm and peaceful.



Alpine’s preschool children love to make friends and learn. Academics include math, reading, and writing skills along with science experiments, music, dance, and art. Every day, we have loads of outdoor time and planned STEM time! Our preschool teachers also have a lot of experience in teaching children self-help skills (such as opening their lunch containers) and social skills (such as how to join a group at play). Our preschoolers really blossom in their small groups with their best friends.

Junior Kindergarden
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Jr. Kindergarten

Alpine’s Jr. Kindergarten children spend the school year preparing for kindergarten. They practice recognizing the sounds, writing the letters and numbers, and using simple math concepts. We also do a lot of STEM activities to build pre-math, pre-science, cooperation, and problem-solving skills. At this age, our very experienced teachers divide their small classes into even smaller groups so the children can work on activities at their level.  Jr. Kindergarten is a time for fun: making friends, painting on the big easel, sledding down the hill, kid-cooking, using the microscopes, and so much more.

summer camp

Summer Camp

Alpine’s summer camp is a great way to make friends and have fun. Because families enroll for the entire summer, campers enjoy seeing a steady group of friends all summer. Our campers especially enjoy our huge playgrounds. They also love interacting with the many community members who visit as guest speakers. Alpine’s summer camp is an excellent combination of free time and planned activities, giving children the chance to relax and grow. 

summer guest
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