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How We Teach

Small groups

Small Groups

Each small group is in its own classroom with its own teacher. This is great for health and safety. It also allows the teacher and children to bond like a little family.

Each small group stays together for the entire school year. This way, the teachers get to know the children as individuals and offer them activities that challenge them at their level. What a great way to learn a lot in a comfortable setting!


Reading & Writing

We use the Spaulding program to teach the sounds and letters. As the children get older, we also practice sight words, initial and ending sounds, and blending sounds. 

We encourage appropriate handwriting (using the Zaner Bloser method) through fun, motivational activities. With the older children, we work on writing creative thoughts and sentences. 

Practicing writing and reading at a young age sets a strong foundation for later learning.

preschool math


At Alpine Academy, math is hands-on. We make sure the children hold the coins and manipulate the scales. At this age, the more action the better!

In addition, we integrate math with other activities during the day. For example, we recognize patterns when we make art projects, and we practice sequencing during science experiments.

Preschool science


​At Alpine, science is part of our everyday lives.  Where does water come from? How do plants grow? How do our eyes work? These are some of the fun questions we seek answers to.

toddler music

Art, Music & Drama

Through art, music, and drama, Alpine's children express themselves, try on new personalities, and experiment with the world. 



STEM stands for science, tech, engineering and math. The goal is to offer lessons that combine skills from those spheres. In this picture, the challenge was to build a tower with three levels. The children really love STEM!

life skills.jpg

Life Skills

We practice all kinds of life skills from putting a straw in a juice box to tying our shoes. We also work on motor skills (pouring, throwing, pedaling, etc) so children feel more capable and confident.

toddler friends

Character Development

We spend a lot of time on values such as generosity, compassion, politeness, cooperating and helping each other. We love seeing the children use these lessons as they chat during lunch, work together on reading and math challenges, and make friends on the playground. 


Family Involvement

Alpine's families join us for field day, graduation, Grandparents Day, movie nights, concerts, pumpkin painting, parades, and more. Often, parents plan short visits to share their culture, jobs, or passions. Family participation is so important to us!

From a Happy Mom

"Grandparents & Special Friends Day received a 5-star review from our kids and their guests. Thank you for all you do to create special memories for us." Shannon D.

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