How We Teach

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Small groups

Small Groups

Each small group is in its own classroom with its own teacher. This is great for health and safety. It also allows the teacher and children the chance to bond like a little family.

Each small group stays together for the entire school year. This way, the teachers get to know the children as individuals and offer them activities that challenge them at their level.


Reading & Writing

We use the Spaulding program to teach the sounds and letters. Each child moves through the process at his or her own pace. 

We love writing, and we encourage both handwriting and creative writing through fun, motivational activities.

Practicing writing and reading at a young age sets a strong foundation for later learning, and that's our goal!

preschool math


At Alpine Academy, math is hands-on.

Children learn best when they are active. We make sure they hold the coins, move their hands on the little clocks, and manipulate the scales. At this age, the more hands-on, the better!

Integrating math with other activities is key.​ Using math skills during reading, Spanish, science, art, and free time helps children digest the value of math. 

Preschool science


​At Alpine, science is part of our everyday lives.  We love to learn about the world! 

Through science experiments, children learn to use equipment safely and develop inquiry skills by observing, collecting data, questioning, and drawing conclusions.

toddler music

Art, Music & Drama

Through art, music, and drama, children have the opportunity to express themselves, try on new personalities, and experiment with the world in many ways. As they work on group activities in these realms, they also practice teamwork.



Our native Spanish-speaking teacher uses songs, skits, puppets, and stories to get the children to converse in Spanish. They learn simple phrases such as "How are you?" and "I am three years old." Other goals include learning to listen carefully and exploring how language works. Alpine's families love to learn Spanish expressions and songs along with their kids. 

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Life Skills

We practice all kinds of life skills from putting a straw in a juice box to tying our shoes. We really like working on hand-eye coordination through threading, cutting, and sorting small items, since these activities help children manipulate the pencil better when they are writing. We also love to work on motor skills such as pouring, throwing, and pedaling, so children feel more capable in their world. 

toddler friends

Character Development

We spend a lot of time on values such as generosity, compassion, politeness, cooperating, and helping each other. We love seeing the children use these lessons as they chat during lunch, work together on reading and math challenges, and make friends on the playground.