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Children love daycare


Love lives here.

We Are Family

  • ​We have been a family-run daycare and preschool since 1995.

  • Our groups are very small so your child will make close friends.

  • Each teacher gets to know her small group of children and their families very well.

  • Since our small groups stay together for the entire school year (and sometimes all summer too), they become little families.

  • We offer a lot of family events such as picnics, pumpkin painting, and movie nights because parents like having friends too.

  • We are here for you nearly every day of the year from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

  • ​We share pictures and texts throughout the week.​​​​​​

  • Anytime you would like to talk, we are here for you.

children love school

We Have Years of Experience

  • All of our teachers are mature and experienced. ​

  • We know how to create a safe, peaceful environment.

  • We teach planned, academic lessons in reading, writing, math, science, cultures, art, sports, music, Spanish and more.

  • We love teaching children self-help skills such as how to wash your hands or put on your snowpants.

  • We are experts at building self-confidence.

  • We have been MI-licensed since 1995.

  • Best of all, we  love kids, and they love us too.

Hear from Alpine's Families

There are so many beautiful things to write. My daughter is a strong-willed young lady, and the leaps in her social and academic development are astounding! She is so enthusiastic to go to school and see all of her friends and teachers. I truly feel we are a team and trust all teachers and staff at Alpine with my little lady. Our experience has been so awesome that we are excited to be enrolled in summer camp, too! We highly recommend Alpine for a loving, fun, and well-rounded experience for your little ones!

Kylie C.

The Best Playground Ever

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The Best Families Ever

The Best Kids Ever

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